There is Noel in Christmas by Nick Page and Ruth Rollason

Ramsgate Advent Doors 2020

This piece was a conceived for Ramsgate Advent Doors - a yearly event that raisies money for the local homeless community. People stood outside the house to view the spectacle projected onto the bay window from inside.

Siren of the Downs by Nick Page and Ruth Rollason

Ramsgate Festival of Sound 2019

Siren of the Downs is a ‘son et lumière’ piece inspired by the hazards of the local waters. The Downs is the area of water between the notorious Goodwin Sands and land. It was used as a shelter for boats in stormy weather. To reach the Downs, sailors ran a high risk of foundering on the sands, particularly in foggy conditions. The siren references both the foghorn warning of danger; and the mythical Siren’s call, luring sailors to their death.

Tide Sine by Nick Page and Ruth Rollason

Ramsgate Festival of Sound 2018

Tide Sine is a sound and sculpture installation representing a response and interpretation of the tide. Tide height readings were taken, in metres, on the hour, over a 24-hour period and then translated to a sound frequency in Hertz. The sculpture is a visual response to the movement of the tide which compliments the mood of the sound piece. The glass tank contains seawater and Ramsgate sand, seaweed and fishing lines which swirl around the current in the tank along with letter shapes. The fragmentation of the words reminds us that the forces of the sea never leave anything untouched or unchanged.